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Partenaires Flint
Partenaires Flint

Let's stop going in circles...

Are you saturated with the same information over and over again?

Do you waste time finding the information you need?

You are disarmed when faced with strong arguments from your family, colleagues or clients and it ends up being a dialogue of the deaf...?

Or maybe you feel locked in your information bubble?

Let's face it: algorithms lock us in... to please us.

But it's like having a discussion with yourself over and over again.

You see the same content over and over again, the same ads...

It's nice at first...

But in the end you get bored and don't learn anything.

How can you stand out from your neighbour, your competitor if you're reading the same information?

How can you innovate if you can't explore?

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Words of explorers and users

Flint user feedback

Flint feeds my knowledge and thinking on key topics that I then try to use in my work or discussions.

Flint user feedback

Flint helps me to step back from the news. It helps me to understand the world without abusing my brain. It has been very helpful in getting me through the Covid-19 crisis.

Flint user feedback

Flint allows me to learn new things, and to discover sources that could not be found without being an expert in the field.

Flint user feedback

Flint helped me to understand some news by being sure of the sources and saving time.

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Need to stay informed for your business?

Professional bots that help you develop insight in business

→ Save valuable intelligence time (to create what matters).
→ Share nuggets with your audience (and feed your networks).
→ Cultivate creativity and innovate by discovering new perspectives.
→ Make better decisions by having access to relevant information.
→ Enrich professional discussions and stand out in a competitive environment.
→ Deepen knowledge of a market and spot new trends (without getting locked in)
→ Acculturate team members through a selection of custom-made content.

Clients Flint
Clients Flint